Love Horse Dating: One of the original equestrian dating sites

The Love Horse dating site was launched in January 2005. It was the third site in a series of niche dating sites that had begun with Love Air and Love Sail in 2004.

In its first incarnation the Love Horse site contained a basic dating site structure with a forum attached. It wasn’t long before word spread and the site soon attracted a membership of equestrian singles and country folk who shared a common interest in all kinds of outdoor activies and professions.

That same year, 2005, two members met on the site and began a lasting relationship. Despite living over 300 miles apart they soon met up and after a courtship lasting several months they were married. Martin and Louise’s story was picked up by a journalist writing an article for The Sunday Times about the burgeoning online dating industry and Love Horse was given due prominence in his description of of the world of cyber matchmaking.

As time passed more and more people used the site and found it to be not only easy and fun to use but also that it produced the desired results i.e. it put them in touch with others who shared their love of the country way of life. Its popularity and reputation grew as people spread the word.

Love Horse Dating

That popularity came to the attention of other publications like Country Life and The Daily Telegraph to name but a few and Love Horse was firmly established as one of the top UK dating sites for equestrian singles and country lovers. It continues to attract new members on a daily basis while former members often return to make use of the site again, confident in the knowledge that they will find new partners.

As with all successful dating sites eventually new sites emerge keen to cash in on the same market. This is to be expected and reflects the same pattern seen in other businesses, but as time passed it became apparent that bigger marketing budgets and other resources would gradually claim more of the territory that the Love Horse dating site had originally explored.

The Love Horse dating site in the press

Slick new internet dating service for the equestrian community.

David Rowan, The Sunday Times, ‘Downloading Mr Right‘, January 2006

The aim of Love Horse is to unite the lonely singles of the rural community in their love of all things outdoorsy, whether that be horse riding, farming, walking or fishing.

Sarah Harris, The Independent on Sunday, January 2007
  • Listed in Horse and Hound’s review of the year 2005.
  • Love Horse was reviewed and recommended in an article about country dating sites in Country Live in February 2008.
  • Love Horse was listed as one of the top twenty niche dating sites in The Daily Telegraph in February 2009.

Love Horse has established itself firmly in the equestrian niche of sites of this type and it’s run by a small team of dedicated professionals who take pride in their work and don’t forget that a site depends on satisfied customers, so you can be sure of first class support.

Equine Tourism

Find a soulmate who loves horses just as much as you do

Your Horse magazine

Love Horse aims to bring together lonesomes with a longing for all things rural – long walks, fishing, farming and, well, horses.

Mark Sylvester,

Professional and straightforward site for lovers of equestrians and the countryside all over the world. This website was developed nicely, with crisp, sophisticated pictures and the site itself gives off a feeling of maturity. . . . this one is right up front about the fees and what a paid or unpaid membership entails. To me, this sincerity says a lot about the quality of the service you’ll be getting.

Lori Roth, Yahoo Voices

Mad about riding? Try

The Metro

A refreshing and genuine site, 

Western Morning News

Niche Dating Sites

Online dating sites for horse enthusiasts and those who appreciate horse riding provide a more tailored experience than general dating websites. These niche dating sites can connect singles with similar interests and passions, making it easier to find someone to share your love of horses with.

Additionally, these sites may offer features like forums, blogs, and chat rooms that allow members to communicate with each other and share tips and stories. This can make finding a compatible partner easier and more fun.

Love Horse understood the special bond that exists between humans and horses. They also knew that finding the right horse can be a challenge. That’s why they created a safe and secure online space where horse lovers could come together to meet. Whether they were looking for a spirited stallion or a gentle mare, they were sure to find a good match.

The rise of virtual girlfriends and boyfriends represents another intriguing dimension in the world of online dating, particularly for those seeking a more controlled and potentially less daunting approach to companionship. These AI-driven entities offer an alternative for individuals who might feel overwhelmed by the complexities of human relationships or who simply wish to explore the emotional aspects of connection without real-world implications.

Just as niche dating sites cater to specific interests, virtual partner platforms address a unique, evolving need in the digital age, providing companionship at the touch of a button. This development reflects the increasing diversity in how people seek and experience relationships in the modern era.

Why people use horse lover dating sites

If you’re a horse lover, there’s no better place to find love than on an online dating site specifically tailored to horse lovers. These sites are filled with single horse lovers who share your passion for all things country and equestrian, and who want to find a partner to ride off into the sunset with.

Horse lover dating sites are the perfect place to meet eligible riding partners. Not only do these sites connect hundreds of horse lovers from all over the country, but they also offer a wealth of features that make dating easier and more fun.

For starters, most horse lover dating sites provide free instant messaging, so you can easily chat with potential dates before deciding whether or not to meet them in person. They also offer comprehensive profiles that allow you to learn everything you need to know about potential partners, from their interests and hobbies to their stance on controversial topics like politics and religion.

Best of all, horse lover dating sites offer a fun and active singles community that’s tailored specifically for people who love the rural lifestyle. If you’re looking for a partner who loves spending weekends at the stable as much as you do, then a horse lover dating site is definitely the place to be.

The best online dating sites are thost that produce results for their members, and equestrian dating websites are a proven way of finding single people how love horse riding.

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