Horse Gifts: Perfect Presents for Horse Lovers and Their Equine Friends

Horse gifts could be for the rider or for the horse. Horse riders are people who appreciate the beauty, grace, and loyalty of these majestic creatures and like to show it. So, whether you’re shopping for a horse lover or searching for gifts to pamper a beloved equine companion, this comprehensive guide will help you find the perfect horse-themed gifts for both.

Part 1: Gifts for Horse Lovers

1. Personalised Horse Riding Lessons

Horse riding lessons make excellent gifts for horse lovers, regardless of their experience level. From complete beginners to seasoned riders, everyone can benefit from some extra coaching. Offer a personalised gift voucher for horse riding lessons at a reputable local stable or riding school.

2. Horse-Inspired Jewellery

Horse-themed jewellery is a sophisticated and timeless gift option. Choose from a variety of designs, such as:

  • Equestrian-themed necklaces
  • Horse charm bracelets
  • Horseshoe earrings
  • Horse head cufflinks

3. Stylish Riding Gear

Treat the horse enthusiast in your life to some stylish riding gear. Consider:

  • Riding boots
  • Equestrian gloves
  • Riding helmets
  • Horse-themed riding socks
  • Jodhpurs or breeches

4. Horse-Themed Home Décor

Bring the love of horses into the home with these thoughtful gift ideas:

  • Horse-themed wall art
  • Equestrian-inspired throw pillows
  • Horse-patterned bedding
  • Horse motif kitchenware

5. Horse Books and Magazines

From educational reads to heartwarming stories, horse-themed books and magazines are perfect for those cosy evenings in:

  • Horse care manuals
  • Biographies of famous riders
  • Equestrian-themed novels
  • Horse-related magazine subscriptions

6. Horse Toys and Collectibles

For the younger horse enthusiasts or those who appreciate collectibles, consider:

  • Horse-themed board games
  • Plush horse toys
  • Horse figurines
  • Model horse collections
Horse gifts - for the horse or for the rider?
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Part 2: Gifts for Horses

1. Tasty Horse Treats

Horses love a good treat, so why not spoil them with some tasty snacks? Options include:

  • Horse-specific treats, such as apple and carrot biscuits
  • Natural treats, like sugar-free mint chews
  • DIY horse treat recipes for a personal touch

2. Luxurious Grooming Supplies

Keep your equine friend looking fabulous with these grooming essentials:

  • High-quality brushes and combs
  • Hoof picks and hoof oil
  • Mane and tail detangler
  • Shampoos and conditioners

3. Customised Horse Gear

Add a touch of personalisation to your horse’s gear with these ideas:

  • Personalised saddle pads
  • Monogrammed horse blankets
  • Custom horse halters
  • Personalised stall nameplates

4. Horse Toys and Enrichment

Keep your horse entertained and engaged with these boredom-busting toys:

  • Equine treat balls
  • Horse play balls
  • Stall toys
  • Hanging treat dispensers

5. Massage and Therapeutic Tools

Help your horse relax and recover with these soothing gift ideas:

  • Equine massage tools
  • Therapeutic horse boots
  • Magnetic therapy products
  • Horse relaxation mats

There’s no shortage of amazing horse-themed gifts available for both horse lovers and their equine companions. With a little thought and creativity, you can find the perfect present that will be cherished for years to come.

If you can’t make up your mind from all these suggestions for the horse lover in your life then the perfect gift might be one of the range of gift vouchers available. Gifts for horse lovers include holidays, treks, and riding lessons – anyone of each might provide the best experience for the equestrian in your life.

Historic Figures Who Bestowed Gifts On Their Horses

Alexander the Great and Bucephalus

One of the most famous historic figures known for his close relationship with his horse was Alexander the Great. His beloved horse, Bucephalus, was a gift from his father, King Philip II of Macedon. Bucephalus was considered untameable until Alexander managed to ride him, proving their incredible bond. Alexander valued his horse so highly that he named a city, Bucephala, in modern-day Pakistan, in honour of Bucephalus after the horse’s death in battle.

Throughout their time together, Alexander bestowed various gifts upon Bucephalus, including custom-made armour and lavish tack. They shared numerous triumphs on the battlefield, and Bucephalus was often depicted alongside Alexander in statues and other artwork. Their unique bond has become a symbol of the profound connection between horse and rider.

Genghis Khan and His Horses

Genghis Khan, the founder of the Mongol Empire, was renowned for his horse-riding skills and his deep appreciation for horses. He recognised the importance of horses in Mongolian culture and warfare, and he ensured that his horses were well-cared for and adorned with gifts. Genghis Khan’s horses were often equipped with custom saddles and bridles, decorated with intricate patterns and precious stones to signify their importance.

Mongolian horses were considered vital to the success of the empire, and Genghis Khan was known to bestow gifts of horses upon his most trusted generals and advisers. These gifts were seen as a sign of great honour and respect, further highlighting the significance of horses in Mongolian society.

Horse Gifts - Genghis Khan
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Queen Elizabeth I and Her Horses

Queen Elizabeth I of England was known for her love of horses and her skilled horsemanship. During her reign, she owned numerous horses and often bestowed gifts upon them to showcase their importance. One of her most famous horses was a grey stallion named Leicester, a gift from her favourite courtier, Robert Dudley, the Earl of Leicester.

To demonstrate her affection for Leicester, the Queen adorned him with extravagant tack and elegant horse clothing, often embroidered with her own royal insignia. Queen Elizabeth I also established the Royal Mews, a dedicated facility for the care and training of the royal horses, further demonstrating her commitment to her equine companions. The Queen’s love for horses was well-known, and her generosity towards them served as a symbol of her appreciation for these magnificent creatures.

Napoleon Bonaparte and Marengo

Napoleon Bonaparte, the famous French military leader and Emperor, was known for his love and appreciation of horses. Among his many horses, one stood out – Marengo, an Arabian stallion that accompanied Napoleon throughout his military campaigns. Marengo was said to be a gift from the Ottoman Vizier, Selim Pasha, in 1799.

Napoleon made sure that Marengo was well taken care of and adorned with gifts befitting his status. Marengo’s tack and harness were custom-made and embellished with precious metals, reflecting his importance to Napoleon. Napoleon and Marengo’s bond was so strong that when Marengo was injured in battle, Napoleon personally ensured that the horse received the best medical care. After Marengo’s death, the horse’s skeleton was preserved and displayed in the National Army Museum in London, a testament to the significance of their relationship.

Catherine the Great and Her Horses

Catherine the Great, Empress of Russia, was a passionate horse lover and an accomplished equestrian. She was known to have a large collection of horses and often bestowed gifts upon them to demonstrate her affection. Catherine’s favourite horse was César, a magnificent grey stallion presented to her by the French King Louis XV.

Catherine spared no expense in adorning César with lavish gifts. The horse’s tack was made of the finest materials and decorated with intricate designs, gemstones, and gold. She also commissioned numerous portraits and statues of herself riding César, immortalising their bond in art. Catherine’s love for her horses was so strong that she ordered the construction of new stables and riding arenas to ensure their comfort and happiness.

George Washington and His Horses

George Washington, the first President of the United States and a skilled horseman, was known for his love and admiration of horses. Washington owned several horses throughout his life, with two of his favourites being Nelson and Blueskin. Nelson was a gift from a close friend, Thomas Nelson, while Blueskin was a gift from his former aide, Colonel Benjamin Tasker Dulany.

Washington cherished his horses and often bestowed gifts upon them. He adorned them with elegant tack and horse clothing, and he made sure they were well-cared for throughout their lives. Washington’s devotion to his horses was well-known, and it was said that he even took the time to write detailed instructions for their care while he was away during the Revolutionary War. His dedication to his equine companions highlights the deep bond between humans and horses throughout history.

Horse Gifts - George Washington
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