Equestrian Clothing for Women: Top Picks for Stylish Riders

When it comes to equestrian clothing for women, there’s an abundance of choice. Women want pieces that are fashionable, comfortable, and functional. We’ve curated a list of our favourite equestrian clothing brands that offer stunning options for riders of all levels. From jean breeches to equine show shirts and Caldene tweed jackets, these brands have you covered in style.


LeMieux offers equestrians both comfort and elegant style by combining luxurious materials with innovative designs. Some of their standout pieces include:

  • Exquisite equine show shirts
  • Supportive and fashionable jean breeches
  • Matching saddle pads and accessories

LeMieux Women’s Base Layer Top
Long Sleeve Athletic Thermal Shirts
Equestrian Clothing For Women




Ink Blue




ARIAT is known for its fusion of cutting-edge technology and traditional craftsmanship, delivering top-performance equestrian wear. Their collection features:

  • High-tech riding boots and footwear
  • Breathable and moisture-wicking show shirts
  • Stylish jean breeches with advanced stretch technology


Focusing on affordability and quality, Shires provides practical yet stylish equestrian clothing for riders of all levels. Their range includes:

  • Comfortable and budget-friendly breeches
  • Classic show shirts in various colours and patterns
  • Caldene tweed jackets for a polished show ring look


Rydale embodies British countryside charm, offering timeless equestrian fashion that’s both durable and sophisticated. Their line showcases:

  • Elegant tweed jackets and blazers
  • Traditional show shirts with a modern twist
  • Classic jean breeches for a versatile riding wardrobe


Sillictor combines modern design with functionality in their innovative and stylish equestrian wear. Their collection features:

  • Performance-driven jean breeches with a contemporary edge
  • Sleek and minimalist equine show shirts
  • Matching accessories for a cohesive equestrian look

FitsT4 Sports

FitsT4 Sports focuses on high-performance equestrian apparel with a commitment to comfort and durability. Their range includes:

  • Athletic-inspired breeches for maximum movement
  • Moisture-wicking and quick-drying show shirts
  • Durable outerwear for all weather conditions

Choose from these fantastic brands to elevate your equestrian wardrobe and make a statement in the saddle. Whether you prefer the luxurious touch of LeMieux, the high-performance gear of ARIAT, or the charming countryside style of Rydale, you’re sure to find the perfect pieces to suit your taste and riding needs.


QUEENIEKE merges fashion-forward designs with athletic functionality to create a distinctive equestrian look. Their collection includes:

  • Bold patterned and colourful breeches for a statement look
  • Chic equine show shirts with unique details
  • Stylish yet functional outerwear for riding and leisure


Buetory delivers elegant and sophisticated equestrian attire for riders who value a polished appearance. Their range features:

  • Tailored tweed jackets for a refined show ring presence
  • Classic and understated show shirts
  • High-quality breeches that complement any riding outfit

Avon Equine

Avon Equine specialises in high-quality equestrian gear that showcases both practicality and style. Their line offers:

  • Durable and comfortable jean breeches
  • Elegant equine show shirts with subtle design accents
  • Versatile outerwear for changing weather conditions

GS Equestrian

GS Equestrian combines traditional craftsmanship with innovative materials for a classic yet contemporary equestrian aesthetic. Their collection includes:

  • Time-honoured tweed jackets with modern updates
  • Performance-oriented show shirts in classic designs
  • Jean breeches with added stretch for optimum comfort


A budget-friendly brand, AMhomely offers a wide range of equestrian essentials for both casual and competitive riders. Their selection features:

  • Affordable jean breeches in various styles
  • Basic equine show shirts for everyday wear
  • Practical outerwear and accessories for cost-conscious riders

AK Riding Sports

AK Riding Sports focuses on performance-driven equestrian wear that supports riders in achieving their best. Their range includes:

  • High-performance breeches with advanced fabric technology
  • Breathable and stylish show shirts
  • Functional outerwear for peak performance in any conditions


Horze is a dynamic brand that blends Scandinavian design with equestrian expertise for a sleek, modern style. Their collection features:

  • Streamlined jean breeches with a contemporary look
  • Equine show shirts with innovative fabric technologies
  • Stylish outerwear that transitions seamlessly from stable to street


Rozgul showcases a fusion of bold colors and patterns with high-performance equestrian wear for a standout style. Their collection includes:

  • Vibrant and unique jean breeches that express your personality
  • Eye-catching equine show shirts with attention-grabbing prints
  • Coordinating accessories for a complete, head-turning look


Avon emphasizes timeless elegance and sophistication in their equestrian clothing collection. Their range features:

  • Classic tweed jackets for a polished, traditional appearance
  • Simple yet chic equine show shirts in a variety of styles
  • Well-crafted jean breeches that balance form and function


Generic provides affordable and essential equestrian clothing options for riders on a budget. Their selection includes:

  • Economical jean breeches in standard styles and colors
  • Basic equine show shirts for versatile wear
  • Practical outerwear and accessories for cost-effective riding attire
Equestrian Clothing for Women: Top Picks for Stylish Riders
Photo by Philippe Oursel on Unsplash

In conclusion, there’s an abundance of fantastic equestrian clothing brands for women, each offering their unique style and flair. Whether you prefer the cutting-edge technology of ARIAT, the vibrant designs of Rozgul, or the budget-friendly options from Generic, you can create a stylish and functional riding wardrobe tailored to your personal taste.

Invest in high-quality equestrian clothing that not only looks great but also enhances your riding experience. With the right apparel, you’ll feel confident, comfortable, and ready to conquer the arena or hit the trails. So, explore these fabulous brands and elevate your equestrian style today!

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