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Horse training in the UK

Horse training in the UKHorses are beautiful, intelligent creatures that have the ability to build strong bonds and establish intimate understanding with humans. However, horses did not evolve to establish relationship with humans. Humans domesticate them to establish the relationship through horse training. Horse training in the UK uses various techniques that follow different education programs. Patient repetition backed up by positive reinforcement is often used with excellent rates of success.

Horse Break Training

Horse break training is teaching a horse of any age to be comfortable when being handled. Whether you need to tie, transport or have a vet check a horse, the horse needs to be happy when being handled. If your horse is not happy being handled, then breaking the horse is necessary.

Horse break training entails teaching the horse rhythm, balance, voice recognition and general obedience. It also involves teaching the horse to feel its hind legs and accept reign contact as well as accept a rider out on the roads and the country. Techniques used here include rope halter training and long rein training.

Problem Horse Training

Sometimes horse owners experience behavioural problems with their horses, such as refusal to load a trailer, objection to rein contact and even biting. Various reasons can cause horse behavioural problems with the major reasons being stress and learned behaviour.

Horses try to tell people they are not happy with the way they are being handled, are experiencing pain or have past experiences of pain through their behavioural patterns. Also, when a horse’s basic needs such as food and personal care are not properly met, the horse is stressed and behavioural problems can occur.

Labelling a horse difficult or stubborn, therefore, can miss the real issues of the problem. Problem horse training adopts a psychological approach to train horses to behave better and also helps owners better understand and handle their horses.

Racehorse Training / Rehabilitation

Racehorses are different from pet and riding horses because of their high pressure experiences in competitions. They have erratic behaviour and often only understand two commands: Go and stop. Similarly, pet and riding horses are different from racehorses owing to their different experiences and training.

In order to transform pet and riding horses into champion racehorses or rehabilitate ex-racehorses into pet and riding horses, expert racehorse training or rehabilitation is needed. Racehorse rehabilitation training emphasises on de-stressing and teaching the horse to be free again. Training racehorses emphasises on partnerships and performance for competitions.

Other horse training services available throughout the UK include personal horse training lessons and training for show or sale. Identify horse training experts with proven track records and an understanding that every horse is unique to ensure you get the best training service for your horse.