How to look amazing on your first date

So the stage is set, the venue is arranged, the mood is right, and the guy of your dreams is meeting you within an hour. What could possibly go wrong? Well quite a few things if it’s your first date. First dates are always strange old affairs. They can be a magical night to remember or a tortured trial of tension, nerves, and embarrassment you want to forget. That all important first romantic evening together can make or break a relationship even before it’s left the blocks. One thing to bear in mind before any first date is the motto, “If you fail to prepare, prepare to fail.” And nowhere does that apply more than the first impression your dating partner has of you. Looks aren’t everything, but if you look good,then you feel good, and when you feel good, you’ll exude an air of relaxed and sexy confidence that will have your date chomping at the bit. Here’s a few tip to get you looking and feeling like a million dollars.

Where’s it at?

Firstly, dress for the date. Wether you’re going to a classy restaurant, the cinema, a bowling alley, or the countryside, make sure you dress accordingly.

Dress to Impress

When choosing that all important outfit, always remember to wear something you feel comfortable in and not something you have to squeeze into. Elegance and sophistication is the key, and that doesn’t mean opting for the stereotypical little black dress either. Put some thought into your outfit and make sure it flatters every inch of your body shape.

Wear it Well

You shouldn’t feel ashamed about feeling sexy, so get out and buy some new underwear. Even if you’re the only one who knows you’re wearing them, sexy underwear in your favourite colour will give you a much sexier persona and make you feel far more confident.

Hair and Teeth

We don’t mean to be patronizing, but you’ll be surprised how many people forget to book themselves into their favourite salon before their first date, or for that matter, brush their teeth. Remember a smile is only enticing when your teeth are pearly white and your breath is minty fresh. And your hair is your crowning glory, so make sure you use it to its best effect.

Perfect Posture

We admire horses in part for their elegant symmetry and perfect posture, so remember not to slouch and keep your back straight if you want to flatter your own shape and make certain you catch your date’s eye.

Less is More

When it comes to make up, use it sparingly to accentuate your looks and not conceal them. Try not to use too much foundation and only moisturisers of the highest quality. Remember he’s already besotted with your looks, so carefully highlight your eyes and lips and you’ll leave him even more enchanted with you.

Are you Well Heeled?

Your choice of footwear is very important on your first date, and as everyone in equestrian circles know, horse riding boots, and ladies riding boots in particular are very appealing in a unique way. High heels have their place, but if you’re looking for some quality riding boots to make you look sensational on your date you could opt for some Dublin Eskimop Fleece Boots, which are made in full leather and look fab. Or perhaps the very fashionable and fantastically priced Saxon Tall Leather Country Boots might be more up your street. They’re a tad on the pricey size but the Horse Rovigo Tall Boots are favoured my many a lady who values quality and class. Kinpurnie Newtyle Long Boots will give you that timeless and classic look, and if it’s cold outside during your date, than Sno Arctic Boots combine the great trick of keeping your feet toasty and ensuring you look great all at the same time.

Horse Rovigo Boots

Have Fun

Remember it’s a first date and not a job interview, so regardless of the eventual outcome don’t waste the evening and make sure you have fun. Looking good and enjoying yourself is a bewitching combination, so go out there and get em’ girl!

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