Horse Rider – Showjumping

You want to become a professional show jumper? You might wonder how to get the job. What skills would you need? What kind of a career would you have?

You would have to start small. You would have to enter local competitions. You would enter numerous jumping competitions. You would enter the A competitions, which are more complicated, more advanced, and more expensive.

You would enter state shows. You would be entering competitions that are more advanced, more complicated, and more expensive than previously. You will then find the international competitions are more expensive, advanced, and complicated. There are also USA competitions. You will have a chance to be a teacher.

To become a show jumper you will need to be a skilled rider. You will have to jump over hurdles and obstacles. You will need to be prepared for your horse to need two to three years to learn to step over different obstacles going at different paces. As time passes, the height of the obstacles will be increased. More elements will be added. Your horse will need to learn to jump over water and two jumps that are only one to two feet apart.

To become a show jumper, you should look for a riding barn that is associated with a recognized horse show. You then need to join the events open to you. You will also need a professional coach. The horses you use will have to be able to participate in such rigorous activity. It will be many years before you can become a professional horse jumper.

The horse you use will have to have good bone structure, be fit, have an even temperament, and be intelligent. Coaches and trainers have to travel the world to find suitable horses, and they can be expensive–$75,000 to $1,000,000. Such horses usually are two-years-old and 18 to 20 hands high.

Many in the industry say it is possible to something, including making a living as a horse jumper, if you work hard enough, but it is easier to spend money on your horse than make a living off him.

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