Farm Estate Manager

Some jobs are quite rewarding in terms of both compensation and quality of work. Especially within the equine industry, there are quite a few positions that fit this bill. With that in mind, becoming a farm estate manager is something that many people want to do, but few are able to pull off.

I’s a demanding job, but people who have the right mindset, experience, and skill set are able to really enjoy it. A farm estate manager will basically be in charge of a large or small horse farm, overseeing the day to day operations and keeping the business portion of the farm in line.

Because these positions are very hands on, they require a person with a vast knowledge of horses and the business side of the industry. A typical day might include tending to the health of horses, making decisions on when a horse will train, and calling in a vet to look at a horse for various problems. It is a position that requires a great deal of responsibility, so it makes sense that people don’t just get handed jobs of this nature right off the bat. In order to become a farm estate manager, you have to have worked under one or you have to have some sort of relationship with the farm owner.

There needs to be a huge amount of trust in your relationship with the farm owner, so you will have to be the type of person that is reliable and trustworthy. One thing to note for individuals looking to get involved in this is that farm estate manager positions do not come available very often. These jobs are usually held for a long time, as individuals seem to enjoy the responsibilities and requirements of the job.

For those people who are serious about taking this on as a perspective profession, it makes a lot of sense to start out working on a horse farm. Learning the ropes can make all the difference and give you a chance to land one of these competitive jobs when one comes open.

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