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Country Dating for Equestrian Lovers at Love Horse

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The Love Horse® & The Love Horse Dating®

Love Horse®, the eight year old online dating site for horse and country lovers, has registered the names ‘Love Horse’ and 'Love Horse Dating' as Trade Marks

The site was one of the first (if not the first) to target the horse and country niche in the UK and several other similar sites have sprung up since. Whether by coincidence or design is not known but one or two of these recent arrivals bear an uncanny resemblance to the original ‘Love Horse’ so beware the imposters. If it doesn't say lovehorse.co.uk in your browser address bar then you're not on the original Love Horse®.

From its inception in January 2005 Love Horse® has moved with the times and upgraded its operating platform several times in order to ensure that its members enjoy an optimum user experience in terms of functionality, security, and ease of use. This, coupled with the dedication and professionalism of the support team, has fostered customer loyalty and a sound reputation in an ever increasingly competitive dating market.

Online dating site security is of paramount importance and customer protection begins with the quality of the operating platform, the integrity of the software used, and the vigilance of the support teams. Happily, our site ranks highly in all areas. The programmers who code and develop the site are experts in their field and strive to stay one step ahead of the evolution of software and its vulnerabilities.

A word from the owner

The founder of Love Horse®, Ben Lovegrove, explains;

“It seems as if online dating sites are being launched every day of the week. While this may seem like more choice for the consumer in fact many of these sites fail to make any impact. Too often they suffer from lack of investment and too little promotion. It take years of hard work to build a site up to a point where there is the critical mass of members neede in order to make it an established player. That dedication and effort has gone in to the development of Love Horse® and I’m very pleased to announce the protection of the brand by registering it as a Trade Mark.”

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