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Horse Riding Lessons

No matter where you live in the UK there will be somewhere nearby that offers horse riding lessons. Learning to ride brings with it all kinds of advantages and you may not realise just how many until you start. Apart from fulfilling an ambition, getting exercise in the fresh country air, and building up confidence as you develop a new skill, there is also a social aspect to it.

Horse riders are friendly folk and they welcome newcomers who are keen to muck in (and muck out!). You'll find you've joined a supportive network of fellow equestrians who will help you along the way. Everyone was a beginner at one time and all who ride are constantly reminded that there are always new lessons to learn.

If you're interested in learning to ride, if you want to start again after a long pause, or if you already have some experience to draw up on then start investigating the local riding schools. It's worth spending some time visiting several before you commit to starting a course of lessons at one in particular, and if it doesn't work out there you should be able to switch to another if you feel it is necessary due to a personality clash.

There are no riding schools and instructors who fit every pupil and it's a case of finding the right one for you. This may not be the nearest one to you, but in the long run it's worth travelling a little further if it means you find a school and an instructor with whom you are comfortable. It's your hard earned money you'll be spending to choose carefully and spend wisely.

Riding Schools

When you start visiting riding schools with a view to taking up lessons, take your time and have a good look around. Talk to the instuctors and look up reviews online. Have a look around the yard. Does it look clean, well kept, and in a good state of repair?

Are all the horses well cared for and healthy? You can tell a lot about a school by the overall look of the place and the condition of the horses. If they look healthy and happy then it's a very positive sign that the establishment is a professionally run place.

Once you start your riding lessons you'll soon be able to take advantage of the social aspect. You'll meet other pupils and compare notes on progress with them. Who knows where these meetings could lead?

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