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Country Dating for Equestrian Lovers at Love Horse

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Equestrian Singles

Love Horse has been bringing together equestrian singles using online dating since 2005. The site was launched in the January of that year and soon became very popular with equestrians, countryside lovers, and farmers throughout the UK. Those meeting online were soon meeting socially and dates were generated quickly and easily thanks to the sharing of common interests.

Since those early years the site has had several upgrades in order to keep up with the changing trends in the online dating world. We've listened to the feedback and broadened the membership to include not just those who love to ride or who enjoy the country life, but others who are attracted to it but perhaps haven't yet joined in.

It will always be the case the it's those who share a love of horse who will empathise and appreciate the level of commitment required to get up early in all seasons and weathers, to muck out, to feed and tend to horses and other animals, but Love Horse has also become a site that attracts those who are interested and ready to explore this lifestyle even if they haven't yet put a foot into a stirrup let alone galloped across the open fields.

So Love Horse is a meeting place not just of equestrian singles, but also for those who might soon be taking riding lessons or who are perhaps at agricultural college and haven't yet moved to live and work full time in the country. It includes those who enjoy a long country walk but who may not own a horse or a dog yet appreciate all the countryside has to offer.

It's a dating site for those who love the fresh air and all the sites and sounds of the countryside. It's for those who seek a partner who share that love of the outdoors and who couldn't be without it even if it's confined to weekend outings due to weekday commitments.

Countryside Dating Sites

From the earliest days of this site we were amazed by the number of people looking for countryside dating sites. Some were not directly interested in horses although they respected by the animals and their owners and riders. Instead, their interests lay less well known areas of country life like falconery or gamekeeping.

Welcoming these people to the site added more flavour to it and they were joined by others who earn a living in the countryside like farriers and vets. This being as interconnected as they are it was soon obvious that the site couldn't be limited to one group and exclude all others.

So you see there's no need to feel you are excluded if you don't ride a horse or even work with horses. Love Horse is open to anyone who is interested in countryside dating and that includes everyone from the drivers who deliver the feed and supplies to the artist who paints rural landscapes.

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