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Country Dating for Equestrian Lovers at Love Horse

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Country Singles

Since its launch in January 2005 Love Horse® has been a market leader in bringing together country singles who share a love of the countryside. This is because our members consist of people who live and work in rural areas or who love the great outdoors and go there whenever they can for recreational purposes. Naturally this includes plenty of horse riders but the membership also consists of those who love the countryside and country sports.

So if you sign up as a member of Love Horse® there's a good chance you'll meet not just horse lovers, but also farmers and other people who work on the land. Finding a partner when you're a busy farmer used to be very difficult. The long working hours and the responsibilities of being a farmer mean that there's even less time for socialising than your average town or city dweller, and with so many rural pubs closing along with the demise of many communities in the countryside there are fewer and fewer places for farmers to meet singletons.

So the ideal place for farmer dating is online. The advantages of searching online for a date among other country singles is never more apparent than for a busy farmer who has no time to spare on fruitless searches elsewhere. Farmer dating sites have added benefit of filtering the membership so that the only people you're likely to meet on there are those who will fully understand why you have to get up at 5am on a winter's morning. What's more, they will probably accompany you, or at least they'll be waiting for you when you get back with a hearty meal on the table for you to share.

Hunting, Shooting, Fishing

Of course country singles is a term denoting all sorts of people, not just farmers and horse riders. You might enjoy hunting, shooting, fishing or any one of many other country sports. You might be a bird watcher or someone who just loves going for long walks in the countryside with your dog. Country folk are a mixed bunch and a are fiercely protective of their way of life, particularly against those who they think don't understand country life and its unique needs and problems.

If that's you and you would like to chew the cud about your favourite gripes then find yourself an equestrian singleton with us here. All our members share a love of the countryside but they also share a need to find someone who is equally as passionate about the outdoors.

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