Synthetic Western saddles

Synthetic Western saddles offer riders of every level an economical alternative to traditional leather saddles. Cost isn’t the only benefit of synthetic Western saddles though. Not only is going the synthetic route less expensive, but because synthetic materials are more durable your new saddle will age better and last longer.

The materials used to make synthetic Western saddles (biothane, equileather, cordura, and equisuede) are less porous and absorbent than leather, making them much easier to clean and more resistant to water damage. You don’t have to oil your synthetic Western saddle to keep it looking shiny and new; a quick swipe with a moist cloth and dish soap will do the job!

Synthetic Western saddles are also much lighter than their leather counterparts, making them an ideal choice for trail riding. You’ll immediately notice how easy it is to carry around a synthetic saddle and will no doubt appreciate the load it takes off of you. We’re sure your horse will appreciate the lighter saddle too! Going synthetic doesn’t mean less choices either.

Synthetic Western saddles come in many styles and even offer some color options you can’t get in leather. Synthetic Western saddles are made for pleasure, trail riding, speed events and showing. In every field they offer unique benefits. Pleasure riders will enjoy the extra padding in the seat while trail riders will appreciate how well their synthetic Western saddle stands up to hard use.

Barrel racers will shave pounds off the weight of their rig while young showmen will catch the judge’s eye with unique colors and patterns. Synthetic Western saddles aren’t just for smart shoppers; they’re for smart riders!

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