Synthetic side saddles

Leather and synthetic side saddles come in a range of different styles and materials. They are used for a wide range of purposes, as well. Side saddles are often called lady saddles because they are and have most often been used by women to ride in a side saddle position more easily and comfortably.

They can be made to customize to a client’s personal preferences and specifications. Side saddles can differ in grade, size, pattern, style, texture, and color. It all depends on what material is used. Most often, leather is used because of its durability and comfort.

A synthetic side saddle can also be a comfortable and durable saddle, but is less commonly used. There are many high quality side saddles that are available. They are still more widely used than most people realize.

Side saddles have changed greatly over the years. They started out as a saddle used to carry women in a modest way, but they weren’t very good for doing much more than a slow trot. Side saddles of today have been specially formulated to help with special jumps and strategic moves.

Even the military has a special side saddle that is used for special operations. Sometimes a side saddle can be more effective with certain types of equestrian jumps. Just keep in mind that a horse has to be taught to become accustomed to using a side saddle. Once it has grown accustomed to a side saddle, a horse will excel in its use.

An ill fitting saddle can cause back problems, and this is especially true with an ill fitting side saddle. Make sure to get a high quality side saddle that keeps the horse and rider both as comfortable and functional as possible.

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