Synthetic endurance saddles

If you are going for endurance riding, then you need more than just an ordinary saddle! ‘Endurance saddles’ are especially designed for the equestrian sports involving regulated long distance races. Since endurance riding pertains with the coverage of long patches of rough and challenging terrain for multiple days, it is essential to confirm that the rider is well-balanced on the horse.

Synthetic endurance saddles provide exceptional comfort to both the rider and the horse. To make it easy for the rider, the saddle seat is padded or quilted, and the stirrups are fitted with a broad foot tread that allays fatigue. As for the horse, the exhaustion suffered by it depends on the intensity of the pressure inflicted by the saddle on its back. To counter it, the saddle’s area of contact with the back of the horse is enlarged by extending its panel skirts.

A saddle design like this facilitates the load on the horse’s back to spread evenly, while dispersing the sweat on its body. The concept of floating panels also works well with endurance saddles as it enables the riders to have their seat out of the saddle, in order to lower the stress on the horse’s back.

Although, traditionally saddles were only made of leather, a lot of innovation has been brought about in the modern way of manufacturing endurance saddles. Synthetic saddles, which are light and easy to maintain, are being widely used for the purpose of endurance riding.

These saddles are mostly made of the following materials:

  • Cordura: It’s a durable fabric that’s resistant to scuffs or abrasions, and is easy to clean.
  • Equileather: It’s a low maintenance material with a leather-like appearance. It repels sweat and remains elastic in cold temperatures.
  • Equisuede: It is non slippery foam that offers a good grip while riding.
  • BioThane and Beta BioThane: ‘Biothane’ is comprised of nylon draped in thermoplastic polyurethane whereas ‘Beta BioThane’ is vinyl coated ‘BioThane’. They are both durable and water-resistant.

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