Love Horse’s beginnings

The Love Horse® dating site came into being in January 2005. It has been through many changes since in order to meet the expectations of its members and to keep up to date with innovations in the online dating industry. Love Horse® was the third of a series of niche dating sites that emerged from the Love Service stable.

The first two were Love Air and Love Sail, both of which continue to serve their respective niches to this day. In its first incarnation the Love Horse® site contained a basic dating site structure with a forum attached. It wasn’t long before word spread and the site soon attracted a membership of equestrian singles and country folk who shared a common interest in all kinds of outdoor activities and professions.

That same year, 2005, two members met on the site and began a lasting relationship. Despite living over 300 miles apart they soon met up and after a courtship lasting several months they were married. Martin and Louise’s story was picked up by a journalist writing an article for The Sunday Times about the burgeoning online dating industry and Love Horse® was given due prominence in his description of of the world of cyber matchmaking.

As time passed more and more people used the site and found it to be not only easy and fun to use but also that it produced the desired results i.e. it put them in touch with others who shared their love of the country way of life. Its popularity and reputation grew as people spread the word.

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That popularity came to the attention of other publications like Country Life and The Daily Telegraph to name but a few and Love Horse® was firmly established as one of the top UK dating sites for equestrian singles and country lovers. It continues to attract new members on a daily basis while former members often return to make use of the site again, confident in the knowledge that they will find new partners.

As with all successful dating sites eventually new sites emerge keen to cash in on the same market. This is to be expected and reflects the same pattern seen in other businesses. However, Love Horse® continues to break new ground and to forge ahead with innovations and new features that give excellent value for money to its members and which make the experience of being a full member of the site so much more enjoyable and successful.

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