Keeping the romance alive

The initial spark of chemistry is a truly blissful sensation. Priorities change, falling asleep becomes lovely, and songs find new meaning. But as time passes, this romantic high tends to drift into a somewhat comfortable feeling of routine. How do couples, once so vibrant and full of passion, keep the  spark of romance alive? It’s not impossible. In fact, happy couples have been doing it quite successfully for quite some time.

Make Time for Each Other

It’s easy for all of us to get trapped in a vicious cycle of eat, sleep, work, repeat, but when the love of our dreams enters the picture, a certain level of maintenance is necessary for this new relationship to thrive. Schedule a standing appointment once a week to do something dedicated to one another. It could be as simple as a before-bed phone call or taking turns reading to one another in the few minutes before sleep. Whatever you and your partner choose, make it a mutually enjoyable experience, and do it for each other. Build happy memories.

Celebrate Personal Successes Together

Whether your partner has earned a promotion, rediscovered a long forgotten passion, or simply cooked a successful meal, celebrate it together. Open a bottle of wine or rent a favourite movie. Share your excitement with one another and make a special time to recognise the importance of each others’ successes. Take the time to be happy.

Work Through Personal Problems Together

Alternately, if your partner has been laid off, had a flat tire, or simply is just having an “off” day, be there together. Sometimes reassurance and quiet time together is enough, and other times you may have to be the light at the end of the tunnel. Whatever downfalls may occur – and they will – discuss the issue, hold hands, find a distraction; whatever you decide, decide to work through it together. Strength can be found in hard times.

Build Mutual Relationships

Being recognised as a couple, a unit, is a marvelous thing. Finding other couples and individuals with whom you both can find pleasant company can take time and energy, but is well worth the reward. Scout for new friends doing activities you love: a couples cooking class, the gym, a book club-the possibilities are only limited to your personal interests.

Stumped for how to break the ice? Why not a simple invite to a dinner party at your place? You just happen to have an opening for two and would love to enjoy their company. Simple, and done. Finding that special someone is difficult in itself, but resist the urge to kick up your feet and relax, thinking your work is done.

Making a relationship enduring and worthwhile takes effort, patience, and dedication, and often requires venturing out of your own personal needs and valuing those of another. However, don’t be dissuaded and view it as a tedious chore. With the right balance, a new relationship can grow into a beautiful love that is rewarding in more ways imaginable.

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