Horseback riding holidays

Any journey inevitably is not only about where you go, but how you go there. A horseback ride through the mountains of Scotland is perhaps one of the most beautiful and soul-restoring journeys you are likely to take; and should you be lucky enough to find a partner with whom you can ride, your experience will be the richer for it.

In this post we’ll review some of the ways of choosing a horse riding holiday. The natural rhythms of a horse allow you to interpret the earth in a way that is completely separate from any walking or driving tour. You no longer feel the ground with your feet, but with your entire body. Gradually, you begin to sync with the steady breath and strength of your horse, until the animal is a kind of extension of your own body. Having a riding partner who also is capable of this kind of bond with his or her animal is extraordinary.

The two of you can ride in companionable silence, taking in the overpowering serenity of the mountains, or strike up conversations as you meander through mossy groves or stone-littered streams. Truly, there is no better way to move through nature. When planning a riding holiday, you should remember a few key pointers.

Budget, while important, should not always be the primary consideration when choosing a locale in which to ride. There are many reputable brokers working in the travel industry who specialize in equestrian holidays. Often, travel brokers will be able to help you find a special rate or package deal which will enable you to ride in whatever place suits you best. If you love the mountains, or the sea breeze, or the rich silence of a healthy pine forest, try to identify two or three areas that match this description and then start comparing rates and deals.

It should be said that these sorts of holidays are wonderful ways to make new friendships and connect with like-minded people. In fact, the more frequently you take a riding holiday, the more people you will meet who will undoubtedly offer you suggestions on where to go for your next foray into the great outdoors. The element of human society always increases both your appreciation of a holiday and the likelihood of finding another pleasurable ride in the future.

Among the options for your riding holiday, you can choose to stay at the same inn throughout your trip, or opt for an inn to inn experience, where by the end of each day’s riding, you have arrived at a different location. Additionally, you can hone your riding skills by opting to take classes from a riding instructor.

This option is especially prevalent in European holidays, where a great many renowned riding instructors reside. One of the most memorable and stunning rides you and a partner can take is a planned castle journey.

In Scotland, the array of ruins and gorgeously maintained fortifications will make for a picturesque journey that can only be experienced to be fully understood. Ultimately, the only limit to your riding holiday is your imagination!

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