Giving without receiving

Giving without receiving is often said to be the best gift – and the top of my list is giving time. It’s easy to go out and buy something; it usually doesn’t take a lot of thought and falls in to straight categories:

  • For women – perfume, chocolates, jewellery and toiletries top the list
  • For men – aftershave, socks or ties, a bottle of wine or a gift token.

Of course, it’s nice to have a gift-wrapped pressie from the one you love, but personally, I’d rather go for a brisk walk with them on Christmas Day or New Year’s Eve with a little touch of frost and clouds of steamy breath.  Then I’m lucky enough to live a few hundred yards from the beach.

Take a walk or ride ending up in a pub with a blazing fire

If you live inland, perhaps a walk with dogs or a ride along a favourite route or to a viewpoint where you can sit and talk for a while would be fun.

Ending up in an olde worlde pub with a blazing log fire would add to the romance. For many people, someone else taking the time and effort to make a space in their schedule for them says more than expensive presents – it’s a cool way of saying ‘I love you’ by showing that at an important time for everyone, you would rather be with your partner than anyone else.  That is truly gracious giving.

Seeing in the New Year with a bang

If you live in the country, what better way to enjoy the festive season than sharing your favourite places with your favourite person? New Year’s Eve is often spectacular where we live because we can see all the North Wales towns across the bay and watch the firework displays along a 20-mile stretch of coast.

For this you need to make sure your pets or horses are tucked up safely, but fireworks and sharing a bottle of bubbly at midnight to see in the New Year while the sky is lit up with the colours from the rockets reflected back by the sea is delightful.

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