February 14 – Valentine’s Day

February 14 – Valentine’s Day – is the day of dreams for every girl and a chance to play Mr Wonderful for many guys. For thousands of singles, Valentine’s Day is the chance to declare those feelings of love that they may have secretly harboured over the festive season.

For country singles, V-day offers a host of great romantic opportunities. The weather may still be cold and frosty, but that’s just an excuse to snuggle closer. For country lovers who want to indulge their passion, try picking a fun outdoor activity like clay pigeon shooting, riding or rambling.

After a day out, you could warm up with a pub meal and a few drinks in front of a roaring fire and retire for a nightcap. Other more expensive activities include a 4×4 day driving through mud and streams. Maybe the ultimate ‘I love you’ for singles for whom money is no object is buying your own small tract of woodland where you and your partner are king and queen of your own domain.

There, you can enjoy camping out in your own private love-nest and creating your own kingdom round a wooded glade. One guy I know had a favourite woodland walk with his lady love and cut a branch from a tree to whittle a wooden engagement ring that he slid on her finger one Valentine’s Day.

For the guys, the point is you don’t have to spend a lot of money to say ‘I love you’ on Valentine’s Day. Country lovers, horse riders, walkers and ramblers can find inspiration is all around and true romance is in the heart and soul, not in your wallet. If you have a date or partner, the worst thing a guy can do is mark the occasion with some filling station flowers and chocolates that are just a last-minute thought. It’s not a good way to impress a lady.

Valentine’s Day may seem weeks away, but start planning now because the best restaurants soon fill up and you don’t want to be left on the outside looking in with yet another chance to kick start that relationship passing by.

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