Dating tricks and treats for Halloween

If you’re single and dating then Halloween is a great chance to have some wicked fun with your partner.  All Hallows Eve is when witches ride their brooms, ghosts and ghouls are howling and haunting and things go bump in the night – but it’s also a chance to vamp it up for a great night if you are in high spirits.

Here are a few dating tricks and treats for Halloween. So, if you are someone who’s not scared of their own shadow and wants to make Halloween a night of romance, take the chance to show your darker side. Here’s a few ideas of how to while the night away if you are out in the country and away from lots of others having Halloween celebrations:

  • Put a horror movie on the DVD or Most Haunted on TV, turn down the lights and strike a match for some candles and snuggle up together on the sofa in the flickering shadows.
  • If scares and thrills are not your scene, then try out some spoof horror flicks like The Young Frankenstein or Shaun of The Dead.
  • Mix up some love potion cocktails – these are spirits you want to see, white ones like Bacardi, gin and vodka that mix well with blood red grenadine. So does any aniseed drink like ouzo or pastis.
  • Don’t forget that old favourite – a Bloody Mary by mixing vodka, tomato juice, lemon and some Worcester Sauce or Tabasco to taste.
  • Have some harmful fun with love spells – try writing out the character traits you want from your lover – these should not be describing a particular person but the type of lover you are seeking.

Dab some perfume or aftershave on the paper and put the list in an envelope and hold the envelope in your left hand. Meanwhile, gather some flower petals, preferably red or pink, and drop them in the envelope with your right hand. Think loving thoughts while you perform the spell, close the envelope and seal with a kiss. Never open the envelope or the spell will break. Just remember you don’t always get what you wish for…

  • A midnight walk is not for the faint-hearted but you may have to cuddle together if you see some ghostly shadows in that moonlit country churchyard or hear eerie noises as the wind blows through the leaves in a dark and mysterious wood.
  • Don’t forget to play some ‘trick or treats’ on each other as well. No suggestions here – you can come up with these yourselves depending on how well you know each other.

Whatever you do, make sure you don’t give your partner the fright of their life that makes the night a horror story they just want to forget

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