Country lovers

Country lovers looking for that right person from an online dating site with millions of members might as well search for a needle in a haystack. If you are a country lover, someone who loves walking or looking for equestrian romance with other like-minded people, big dating sites and the fees they charge can be a waste of time and money.

You are better off looking at smaller sites with members looking for people like you. Understanding a country or equestrian lifestyle can be a stretch for a lot of city folk. Their days are often 9 to 5 and revolve around work, and shopping, including hours sitting in traffic. Country people have a different day, especially if they have animals to look after. Out in the country, the day starts earlier walking dogs, seeing to horses and ponies and if you are a farmer … well the list just goes on.

The day generally finishes earlier as well, especially in the winter, because riding or walking in the dark in remote rural areas can be dangerous. Then there are the weekends. Country people still have to look after their animals whatever the day of the week or the weather, so no lie ins there! A lot of country socialising is based around equestrian events and country shows. The lifestyle is alien to people who don’t live isolated in the countryside or in a small village.

That’s why dating and introduction sites like this are so important – because although the list of members may be smaller than the big matchmaking sites that advertise on TV, at least you are more likely to find someone who understands your lifestyle. This means you are less likely to waste time and money on pursuing unsuitable partners who don’t understand your needs and restrictions caring for animals can put on your life.

Love Horse is a free registration site offering the chance to link up with horsey people, country lovers, walkers and farmers looking for romance or companionship. Special features include a profile coach to help you show yourself at your best, email and chat. You can also search other profiles to see if some other country lover catches your eye

Rural Romantics

Since its launch in January 2005 Love Horse® has been bringing together rural romantics looking for countryside dating opportunities. Our membership consists of people who live and work in rural areas or who love the great outdoors and go there whenever they can for recreational purposes. Naturally this includes plenty of horse riders but the membership also consists of those who love the countryside and country sports.

So if you sign up as a member of Love Horse® there’s a good chance you’ll meet not just horse lovers but also farmers and other people who work on the land. Finding a partner when you’re a busy farmer used to be very difficult. The long working hours and the responsibilities of being a farmer mean that there’s even less time for socialising than your average town or city dweller, and with so many rural pubs closing along with the demise of many communities in the countryside there are fewer and fewer places for farmers to meet singletons. So the ideal place for farmer dating is online. The advantages of searching online for a date among other country singles is never more apparent than for a busy farmer who has no time to spare on fruitless searches elsewhere.

Farmer dating sites have added benefit of filtering the membership so that the only people you’re likely to meet on there are those who will fully understand why you have to get up at 5am on a winter’s morning. What’s more, they will probably accompany you, or at least they’ll be waiting for you when you get back with a hearty meal on the table for you to share.

So country dating sites like this cater for all sorts of people and are themed accordingly. Those who join have a little bit of work to do though and it helps in your search if you create an accurate and honest profile (without giving too much away!). The more members who do so will find it easier to decided whether or not to break the ice and make contact with each other, or move on to the next profile.

Country Dating Sites

Of course country dating sites are not there just for farmers and horse riders. You might enjoy hunting, shooting, fishing or any one of many other country sports. You might be a bird watcher or someone who just loves going for long walks in the countryside with your dog.

Country folk are a mixed bunch and a are fiercely protective of their way of life, particularly against those who they think don’t understand country life and its unique needs and problems. If that’s you and you would like to chew the cud about your favourite gripes then find yourself singleton to swap stories within here.

All our members share a love of the countryside but they also share a need to find someone who is equally as passionate about the outdoors and who isn’t afraid to speak their mind.. There are many other country dating sites available today so anyone looking has plenty of choice. Register with us and give us a try. You have nothing to lose with a free registration and you can browse profiles and be on the lookout for someone to spark your interest.

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Competitive birdwatching

Competitive birdwatching has ruffled the feathers of some traditional twitchers as comedian Bill Bailey and a few celeb mates have some fun outdoors in a new TV series.

The hobby has hit the big time on Sky TV in Bill Bailey’s Birdwatching Bonanza and given lovebirds who like spreading their wings in the open air dating ideas. TV exposure has shown lots of couples that crouching together in a dark hide is a romantic and fun way to spend a day out in the country, with the bonus of spotting some colourful wild life as well.

Bird sanctuaries abound around Britain – especially on the muddy estuaries of some major rivers, like the Dee, near Chester and the desolate Wash where The Ouse pours out in to the sea.

Up close and personal bird watching

Lots of these sanctuaries are within an easy drive of major towns and cities – and offer nearby B&B or camping for a great weekend break. Some more remote areas, like Snowdonia and the Scottish Highlands are still home to plenty of birds of prey for the more patient watcher. If you really have the bird watching bug, then the Royal Society of Protection of Birds (RSPB) is the place to start finding out about getting back to nature and where to go and what to see all the year round.

Lots of local clubs and resources specialising in bird watching can be found online. Bird watching is popular with photographers as well, who can get up close and personal with a telephoto lens from a hide for some terrific back to nature pictures.

Spend the day huddling in a hide

Twitching – slang for bird watchers who spend their time seeking out rare breeds visiting these shores – is also catching on big time with foreign holiday firms. Some web sites offer trips away to exotic locations like The Caribbean, Iceland and even Mongolia.

So if you are looking for a new way to romance a partner who is in to getting back to nature and wild life, spend a day huddled together in a quiet and secret corner of a bird sanctuary. Who knows…your relationship might just get off to a flying start.